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Girls – Season 2, Episode 9, “On All Fours” Review

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Jesus Christ, this was like a Girls’ horror episode! I thought the last episode was kind of dark, but at least that one had a kernel of joy with Adam meeting a new woman. This one was like a goddamned David Lynch movie. (I’m a bit nervous about seeing what manner of suffering the season is going to end on come next episode.)

All of the characters are continuing their descents into total fucked-uppedness. We’ve got Hannah keeping the OCD madness going. Then there’s Shoshanna feeling terrible about cheating on Ray and acting really off around him because, overblown personality that she already is, it’s not like Shoshanna would be able to keep something like that on the down-low. Marnie is trying to follow her dream of being a singer, which is maybe good, but maybe just misguided. And Adam and his new lady, Natalia… well, shit.

All of this stuff goes crazy downhill. Shosh lies to Ray, claiming she just held hands with a doorman who she actually had sex with, which means there’s probably still some huge pain to come later in this relationship. Marnie sings a cover of Kanye West’s “Stronger” at Charlie’s office party that seems to be simultaneously abhorred and well-received, making the whole thing very awkward. But worse (I think?) is that Charlie and Marnie, obviously still not over each other, go off and have sex in one of the offices. Unless maybe this is a new Charlie—the Charlie that owns his own app company—I can’t see Marnie ever ultimately being satisfied with Charlie. Lastly, nutty Hannah, in an absolutely nerve-wracking scene, digs a Q-tip into her ear so deep that she injures something in there.


Also hugely disturbing and uncomfortable is Adam and Natalia’s relationship crumbling fast when Adam is feeling like he doesn’t fit in with Natalia’s friends, then runs into Hannah which obviously triggers something because he ends up drinking for the first time since (I believe it would be) his adolescence. Natalia then sees the horror-film set that is Adam’s apartment for the first time and some of his aggressive sexuality comes out. Considering how much I’d grown to like him, this scene successfully managed to make Adam frightening. It’s interesting because I feel much of his behavior was probably essentially the same when he was sleeping with Hannah, but she seemed able to handle and react to it better. When Natalia is unwilling to partake, I imagine it qualifies as sexual assault. I did also find how the actress (Shiri Appleby) played the situation rather amazing. It was as though she was simultaneously scared and disappointed.

I do need to also mention that when this episode wasn’t scaring the shit out of me, it made me laugh really hard. Hannah’s meeting with her asshole editor was brilliant as was pretty much every line delivered by the matter-of-fact ER doctor Hannah had to see for her ear. And the establishing pan around the room at Charlie’s office party is perhaps the single most succinct visual summation of the ridiculous shittiness of any sizable, alcohol-fueled party. I lost it when I saw that girl crying into her cell phone.

“On All Fours” ends with Hannah digging into her other ear! Holy crap. I didn’t know Girls would ever freak me out this much. I mean I knew girls would, but not… Anyway, you get it.

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March 11th, 2013 at 11:01 pm

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