Short Story Being Published in Sci-Fi Anthology, “Alien Sky”

Hey now,

I’ve got a short (actually quite long, in honesty) story being published in this sci-fi anthology that’s coming out in March. The story is called “To Mine Blood.” It has blood in it. I’m not a big sci-fi guy so I’d like to think I wrote a sci-fi story for people not into sci-fi, but you tell me (once you’ve spent money on it and are already stuck with a copy…).

You can pre-order the anthology right the heck now by clicking on this:

Alien Sky Cover_

Tough Love #1 – We Need to Talk About Gaming

So I’ve started this video series for the website MMO Attack about gaming culture and how it’s totally horrible. Here’s the first episode in two parts:



I also did this promo video for my channel to tell people to watch the Tough Love series. It is a very lovely video.